Body Fat Pictures and Percentages by Leigh Peele

This is the first in a new series of posts sharing helpful online resources.

Body fat percentage or “BFP” is simply the amount of fat a person has in their body relative to everything else. It’s a simple yet singularly important concept. Learning about BFP was a critical part in the development of my approach to fitness and health and did two things: 1.) it made my goal more concrete by shifting from weight loss to fat loss and 2.) made my measurements and assessments more accurate, deemphasizing scale weight to focus on activity (a.k.a. my Intake and Output posts) instead. Knowing about BFP made my overall approach to fitness more nuanced and I recommend studying it and including it in your planning.

Leigh's site.

Leigh’s site.

I found that Leigh Peele’s Body Fat Pictures and Percentages post is the best article in showing people an application for the BFP concept. BFP is a simple idea that is hard to utilize because few people know or have access to the tools that can measure their personal percentages. If you don’t know your number it’s hard to make a plan to reduce it. Ms. Peele’s article gives us a basic explanation of BFP, what it means for men and women and how to quickly assess your level. This is all you need to know about BFP to apply it effectively. It might be ideal to know your exact number is through a DEXA scan but it’s enough to generally know what range you fall into. Are you over 30% or are you in the 20-25% range? I think most people will be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have other resources you use? Questions? Post them in the comments section.

Body Fat Pictures and Percentages by Leigh Peele

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